by My Love Your Lust

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Demo recorded, mixed and mastered by Vinnie Roofthooft.


released October 24, 2013



all rights reserved


My Love Your Lust Herenthout, Belgium

2012 - 2015

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Track Name: Dreamful
I thought that this road
Didn't have an end
But that was just a supposition
It seems that giving up isn't hard
When you never gave your fullest
This misery ends here
I'm no longer dependant on your will
My life starts again
Without you
This is the choice I make
So let me go
This field has never been so green
So healthy and mature
With the calmness of the wind
I will be carried away
Carried away
I will never see your face again
So this could better be my last preach
I'll travel to find my place
To begin this journey, you slowed down
All the things I will conquer
With no you by my side
This is my last goodbye
I'll see you in the end
Track Name: Blistered Hands
As I walk these streets
With no hope in sight
And all I have are these blistered hands
From holding on to everything you promised
And all I want is to redeem myself
From the memories we shared
Blinded by the face of perfection
I followed you
With no worries in mind
As I melted for your beauty
My ignorance took the best of me
The daylight doesn't hurt as much as it used to
And the nights don't seem so endlessly
The numb feeling in my head
Is slowly sinking away
All of this
Will all end
Close your eyes and fold your hands
And pray that this would never happen again
I almost forgot what it was like to breath
This lump in my throat is gone