Time Flies / Love Fails

by My Love Your Lust

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Recorded, mixed and mastered by Safehaven Recordings.
Artwork designed by Orangetown.


released February 20, 2013



all rights reserved


My Love Your Lust Herenthout, Belgium

2012 - 2015

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Track Name: Unapproachable
Roses all over the pavement
You should have taken me in
The rain keeps pouring
My tears won't dry, not tonight

You took me on a trip
Where illusions became reality
I won't lie to myself
This will never work out

Haven't seen this sun in months
Will she ever come up again?
I feel so empty
You're not by my side
Struggle after struggle, night after night

I scream out your name
As hard as I can
Just so someone will hear my call
My hysterical call
of love, for you

As my love grows
The distance gets too big
I feel like I'm giving up
I should let this go

But I can't just leave you there
You're always on my mind
Every night is the same
As it continues to rain

A love so unapproachable
So far away
I'll never be able to reach
I'll never be the same

If I would guide you my hand
Will you take it
And stay with me, until the end?
This is the last time that I lied to myself
Love's just an obsession
And all that's left of you
Is your picture
On my shelf
Track Name: Time Flies Love Fails
Confessions of an unbearable desire
So pure, yet so clandestine
When love overpowers law
There are no words to describe
The torture of an unattainable love
While passion takes over thinking
Mind and soul of two become one
While the bodies will always remain divided
But our love fails the test of time

We used to write our names in the sand
We used to walk hand in hand
I can still feel your touch
The warmth of your embrace
Endless tears fill up my days
I never thought this would go all to waste
Your sweet lips were all I taste
But now this grief builds up inside
I never thought that this would drag me down
And now I stand on my own
This pain is noticeable in every single bone
All the things I reach out to
Crumble to dust
Every time I see you
I’m reminded of your lust
There is no place where I can hide
I’m Weak and powerless
Like a prey in your sight
Like a king without his crown
And in my own tears I drown
Track Name: Concealed Care
A world where dreams live on their own
Fulfilled for the ones
Who care about their others
The guidance to a vision
That would never cease

The helping hand
That means so much
For the ones
Who stand alone

Striving to a better future
Where the weak
Are no longer left behind
Track Name: Changes
You never were familiar with taking and giving
It’s a lie to say you actually cared
For so long, I let you change, In so many different ways
You were becoming someone else
But I tell you this
It used to be different

Remember our glorious days
The days that we were truly happy
I couldn’t imagine a better life
But you had to change everything
The thought of losing you, the “you” I knew
Was tearing me apart

I knew I couldn’t stay by your side like this
But letting you go was not an option
I gave you everything I had
But it just wasn’t good enough

It is weird how someone
So close to your heart
Changes in something so far away from your ideal

Relationships aren’t meant to last
But our love was
I didn’t want to let you go
And I would have done more than words could say
To keep you by my side

But our final chapter came to its end
You burned our last page
And I still carry the ashes
Maybe someday, somehow
You will change into the person I once knew
But no matter how long it takes
I’ll never give up on this